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The HIG (LITE) Warranty Service 

HIG (Lite) is provided free of charge by your Tradesmen Connect approved contractor. It’s an Insurance Backed Guarantee which means both your deposit and your contractors work guarantee are always safe.

The HIG (Lite) insurance backed guarantee matches the level of the guarantee offered by your contractor, meaning your home improvement project maybe guaranteed for up to 10 Years. It also provides a deposit guarantee up to 25% of your project value.

How It Works-Deposit

Say the worst happens … you pay a deposit and then the company stops trading or goes in to liquidation before even starting the work! Don’t worry – your deposit is fully protected – from the start- and another vetted and accredited contractor will be allocated to start the project and paid up to the amount of the deposit covered.

How It Works-Guarantee

If during the term of the warranty provided by you contractor he or the company stops trading or goes in to liquidation the insurance backed guarantee will appoint another approved contractor to undertake the work necessary.   

No Renews

Your guarantee never needs renewing – you can even transfer it if you sell your home.

When Am I Covered  

As soon as you have received your policy certificate – you are on cover.

Buy With Confidence Standards

 The Insurance Backed Guarantee is provided by our sister company Home Improvement Guarantee Ltd who are members of the Trading Standards Buy With Confidence Scheme. For more information visit the HIG lite web site HERE