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Tradesmen Connect is providing the best home improvement service For The 21st Century

Building Reputations

Tradesmen Connect has for over 2 decades provided consumer’s access to contractors and tradesmen. Our mission and that of our member contractors is to provide homeowners with protection and peace of mind when embarking on their home improvement projects from before the work starts – throughout the project and for up to 10 years after the project is completed.

Tradesmen Connect Feedback Service

Feedback is at the heart of the Tradesmen Connect service to consumers. Quite simply, feedback is an evaluation of our members work carried out. Users can request previous feedback on any of our contractors (request feedback) and at the end of any job or project they are invited to give feedback on our member, which adds to our members growing reputation. (give feedback)

Insurance Backed Guarantees

An insurance back guarantee protects you should your contractor cease to trade and therefore is unable to either complete the work or honour the terms of the guarantee given to you on the completed job or project.

What does it cover?

 Deposit payments up to 25% of contract value.

  • Work in progress up to 25% of contract value
  • Workmanship by your contractor for a period of up to 10 years
  • Materials used by your contractor – subject to manufacturers own guarantees – up to a maximum of 10 years

The Insurance back guarantee  which our member contractors can provide (free of charge) is provided to our members by our sister company the Home Improvement Guarantee Ltd. Tradesmen Connect provides our sister company with a vetting process which all our members must undergo before they are able to provide a IBG and include:

  • Had financial and company checks carried out on them
  • References checked from previous customers
  • Agreed to work to the terms and conditions of the custom charter.

More information is available by visiting our sister web site HIG Lite. HERE